Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paw it forward!

Hey everyone, we still have a Paw it forward package up for grabs! Let me know if you want to play!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi everyone! Here is a video of me at my first agility trial! The first run was Touch and Go and I took fourth place! My second run was Tunnelers, and we didn't get any ribbons but I did this course perectly!

Don't forget to leave Mommy a comment if you want to play Paw it Forward! We still need players!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Agility brags and Paw it Forward!

Hi everyone! My first agility trial was last weekend and it was amazing! My mommy and I had so much fun! We ran a Touch and Go course and a Tunnelers course and I earned a ribbon in the Touch and Go course!Can you believe it? A ribbon at my first agility trial? My mommy was so happy I thought she was going to suffocate me, what with all the hugs I got. Now, my ribbon is proudly displayed on our mantel under my cute puppy picture. Hopefully, I earn even more ribbons at our next trial in November!

Guess what! We got a huge package in the mail from the awesome mastiff, Mango! Mango said we get to play a game called Paw it Forward! To play, you have to be one of the first three doggies to comment on this blog post. Then, you get a package full of goodies from us! After you get your package, you post about it in your blog, then the first three people who comment on your blog get a package from you! Get it? We're Paw'in it forward!

Mango sent us a super cool picture card...And look at all the goodies!

Super nummy biscuit treats...

Poopy picker-upper bags....

Awesome bandanas to make us look cool....

A bow tie to make my brother super handsome...

A cool water froggy toy... must try this out at the lake next time...

A warthog stuffy that Jack wouldn't let any of us have....the pig...

And a stuffing-less squirell toy that is awesome for playing tug with Zeva!

Gosh Mango, you sure spoiled us! Thank you so much for all the awesome pressies!
So who wants to play Paw it forward? If you want to play, leave us a comment and we'll send a package your way!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!

Here’s a poem from me, Jack and Zeva.

Four years ago today,
A special vow you both did say,
Jackie-Poo sends both of you,
A jowly kiss without the drool!
Zeva as your newest roomie,
Dedicates to you a special “zoomie.”
And I’ll do a dance with great agility,
And love you both to the best of my ability!

Love and kisses,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Agility pawsomeness!

Hi everybody! Last weekend was pawsome! Mommy took me and my brother to an Agility demo to help me practice my agility skills!
We brought along the slobbery one for some socializing, and to help keep my Daddy company. He was a good boy, but he wasn't allowed to play on all the fun toys cause he's such a scaredy cat! Hee hee!

Here I am with Mommy jumping over one of the jumps. Look at how high the jump is! Mommy says I am 20 inches tall, and she set this jump to 16 inches! I've never jumped this high before but I had a lot of fun practicing!

A wonderful shot of my super furry (and cute!) butt

And one last photo of me with crazy ears! Normally, I'm not allowed to have my leash on while I'm doing agility, but there were so many people and dogs in the ring with us, that I kept wanting to go greet everybody! Mommy finally went and got my leash, saying that agility Goldens aren't allowed to go say hi while we're on a course. I beg to differ, but we'll see.
Mommy also gave me some super exciting news! I get to compete in my first official Agility competition in August! Woo hoo! My training finally paid off and I get to start earning titles now! Yeah! I hope August comes super soon!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A new toy!

Oh boy oh boy! Mommy and Daddy brought us home the coolest toy ever! The Jolly Ball! This thing was super fun! Jack managed to get the toy first, but after some chasing I managed to get a hold of it! There was no catching me after that! I may be small, but man am I quick! Hee hee! Pit's rule, Mastiff's drool, and Goldens are just uncool! Well, maybe they are still cool, but I'm way cuter! Abby tried doing a crazy leap to get the Jolly ball.
But no, I wouldn't let her have it, because I'm just that good! Bwah ha ha! Zeva! The Jolly ball Queen of them all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone from the J.A.Z. Pack! Momma made us wear stupid headpieces again, but we get to go on a rawhide Easter Egg Hunt after our photo shoot.

And, I got Zeva kisses... :)Isn't she the sweetest?

Even if she did eat my hedgehog stuffy....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!

I, of course am looking mighty studly in my St. Patty's hat.

Abby is attempting some form of Golden cuteness for her picture.
One can never count on puppies to be cooperative...
It isn't fair though, we had to wear the hat in order to get OUR treat, but all Zeva had to do was have the hat near her. Plus, she was a bad dog and tried to eat the hat after the photo session. And she STILL got a treat. Puppies...they get away with everything.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Dreaded Bath!

Well, Abby and Jack did try to warn me, but I didn't think this thing called a Bath would be as bad as they said.

I let Daddy plop me in the tub thinking it was some kind of cool new game. And really, what could possibly be so scary when both Mommy and Daddy were acting so friendly and happy. They really made me think it would be great. But, the next thing I knew, I was being hit with a stream of water and this goopy stuff was spread all over my body!

Ack! Not in the eyes! Have a care Daddy!

Plus, Daddy wouldn't let me get away and Momma kept taking photos! How dare they! This whole bath thing is humiliating! I won't even talk about all the different places they scrubbed!

But eventually, they let me go and Momma scrubbed me from head to toe with a super nice feeling thing called a towel. That part was kinda fun, but don't tell my parents I said so. Plus, don't I look cute in my Towel Robe?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Abby!

It's my Birthday! Can you believe I'm three years old today! This year, I got to help Mommy bake my cupcakes!

How cute am I with my apron on? I'm a good helper doogy!

See how good they came out?

Making the cupcakes was fun, but eating them so much better! They tasted sooo good!

I was a super nice sister and let Jack have a cupcake too.

I think he really liked them.

Look at his slobber! Hee hee!

Zeva liked them too.

She took forever to figure out how to eat it though...it was bigger than her mouth!

What a great birthday! Thanks Momma! I love you!