Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Agility pawsomeness!

Hi everybody! Last weekend was pawsome! Mommy took me and my brother to an Agility demo to help me practice my agility skills!
We brought along the slobbery one for some socializing, and to help keep my Daddy company. He was a good boy, but he wasn't allowed to play on all the fun toys cause he's such a scaredy cat! Hee hee!

Here I am with Mommy jumping over one of the jumps. Look at how high the jump is! Mommy says I am 20 inches tall, and she set this jump to 16 inches! I've never jumped this high before but I had a lot of fun practicing!

A wonderful shot of my super furry (and cute!) butt

And one last photo of me with crazy ears! Normally, I'm not allowed to have my leash on while I'm doing agility, but there were so many people and dogs in the ring with us, that I kept wanting to go greet everybody! Mommy finally went and got my leash, saying that agility Goldens aren't allowed to go say hi while we're on a course. I beg to differ, but we'll see.
Mommy also gave me some super exciting news! I get to compete in my first official Agility competition in August! Woo hoo! My training finally paid off and I get to start earning titles now! Yeah! I hope August comes super soon!


GoldenSamantha said...

Good job Abby! Wow - you are just so talented, but like me, love to say hi, howya doin'! I get it - sorry it's not allowed in the ring. I'm even excited for August to come for you!
Hugs xo

Amber-Mae said...

Looking good jumping over those hurdles Abby! Oh wow! Your 1st Agility trial! I hope you will do well & win something. Good luck!

Solid Gold Momma

Amber-Mae said...

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"Famous" Solid Gold Actress

Miley said...

Wow you sure are talented, great pics!!! Looking forward to following all you doggie bloggies!!

lotsa licks,

Anonymous said...

Good job with the agilites. Hey its nice to have you back!