Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We're back!

Hi everyone!

We're back! Sorry it took so long to post after the holidays! Mommy has been waiting anxiously for her Christmas present to arrive...a new camera! Mommy is so excited! Her old camera was frustrating her considerably because sometimes we would move before the camera could take the photo and most of the time, the camera wouldn't even take a photo at all! Or when it did, the photo would be blurry! Now that her new camera is here, mommy promises to post more often and will hopefully have cuter photos of us! Here are some of her first shots with the new camera!

A few weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy babysat their neice, Baby Emma.

Jack-Emma smelled kinda interesting and occasionally she made strange noises, but babies don't interest me all that much. I much prefer squeaky balls.

Abby-I love Baby Emma! I think she is the most fascinating creature ever! I made sure she was safe and stayed by her side all evening. I love how cute Emma is, how good she smells, and all the cute noises she makes! I even like it when she grabs onto my face and pulls! I only sorta minded when she tried to pull the hair on my tummy, but I was a good doggy and just moved away. Mommy took some cute photos (with her old camera) of me being a good Momma dog to Baby Emma. I hope someday, Mommy and Daddy have a baby of their own so I can be a nanny all the time!