Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ear infetions

Abby - Yesterday, my Mommy took me to the vet's office. I guess I was due for my annual shots and Mommy wanted the vet to look at my ear. It's been red and sore for the past few weeks and Mommy thought maybe I had an infection. Sure enough, the vet said that both of my ears were infected and that I need antibiotics! By the time I left the office, I had received four shots, and had tubes stuck in my ears and stuff squirted in them! I was not happy. I can't believe my Mommy let them do such horrible things to me! Then, before we went to bed, Mommy shoved this big green thing down my throat and squirted more stuff into my ears! Mommy says it will all make me feel better, but I don't believe her.

This morning, I couldn't believe how dumb Mommy was being. There I was with a horrid stomache ache and I needed to go potty so badly and Mommy just kept shoving me away and telling me to go lay down! Mom! I don't feel good! She thought that I was just too warm since we were watching our cousin Heidi and so the bedroom was a little warmer then usual. Mommy got up and opened the window and turned down the heat. She just wasn't getting it! I kept trying to tell her that I was sick and finally I thought I'd gotten through to her. She had let me out of the bedroom and I immediately ran to the door to go outside but when I turned around, Mommy wasn't there! EERRGGGG!!! How stupid are these humans! I ran back to the bedroom, banged on the door with my nose and then ran back. She STILL didn't get it! I gave her my most desperate bark and finally, she started to understand. She immediately came and let me outside and after a long while, I was finally feeling better.
Cousin Heidi

Mommy apologized several times and gave me lots of extra loves, but I noticed it didn't stop her from shoving more green things down my throat and squirting the stuff in my ears. Stupid Mommy, I think I should get to shove green things down YOUR throat.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone! We hope you have a tail waggin', bunny hoppin' good time!

Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Daddy and Me

Jack- I love to lay on Daddy's clothes. Daddy is always leaving sock, shirts and sometimes pants on the floor and whenever I get a chance, I curl up in his scent and drift off into a heavenly, Daddy-filled sleep. Sometimes I fall asleep on Daddy's shoes, some of his more scent-concentrated articles. This oftentimes puts my neck at a funny angle and frequently causes me to snore. Sometimes, my snoring is so loud that my parents can't even talk over my noise! I think its pretty cool and manly of me, but they seem to find it annoying. When I get really loud is right about the time they yank the shoes out from under my neck. This is not appreciated because it wakes me for one, and two, they are taking away my Daddy-scented shoes! I suppose the alternative is Daddy's lap. Always warm and wonderful...

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Jack-One thing I know I'm good at, is slobbering people. Be it their pants, arms, hands, faces, or baby's, I love to leave a little of myself behind. A true master at this is Mango Man and we challened each other to a slobber contest. So far, this is the best (and only) picture Mommy has managed to get of my slobbery self. I'm sure Mango can beat this picture hands down but this is my first challenge shot! What do you say Mango, and any other dogs who wish to join. Can you beat my slobber??

That's about four inches of solid slime there! Not my best performance to date, but the best picture to date so it will have to do for the start of the competition. Who's up to the challenge?

We won!

Thank you Crikit, Sparky and Ginger! We entered their picture guessing game and we guessed correctly! We are such smart pooches! Look at the cool treat they awarded us! What great friends!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Man are we pooped...

Well, our visitors are gone now, and we are trying to catch up on our rest. What a fun, fun week. Man are we pooped....