Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cousin Daisy

Cousin Daisy made the trip to Rainbow Ridge today. We will miss her greatly and will always remember all of the good times we had with our friend. She was a wonderful dog and our Mommy's best friend for many years and will always be in our hearts. We love you Cousin Daisy and are glad you aren't suffering any more.

Cousin Daisy

June 1996 - Aug 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Food dish disaster

Look at what I have been reduced to eating out of.

Not only do I have to eat out of this patheticly cheap piece of human plasticware, but I also have to drink out of Abby's water dish! I swear these parents of mine better whip into shape soon. First they submit me to the horror of the VETS office, and now this!

It all started innocently enough. My daddy took me on a trip this weekend to keep him company while he built a wheelchair ramp for his Grandma. This part of the trip was basically fine, except the heat was horrible. It was above 100 degrees. Every. Single. Day. Then we went and visited Cousin Leah and Cousin Daisy! Cousin Leah is doing great and while Daisy has still lost some weight she seems to be doing okay for now. The biggest suprise was that Cousin Daisy had a new member of the family! A puppy! Grandpa and Grandma bought a Lab/Golden Retriever mix puppy named Buddy! He tried stealing my bone at one point and of course he was pesky like all puppies are, but I suppose he's all right.

After meeting Buddy and playing with Cousin Leah one last time, it was time to go home. Daddy packed everything into the back of the truck and covered it all with a tarp. He had left my food dish and stand out so that I could eat and drink while waiting. I supposed this at least was kinda nice of him. Anyways, Daddy had to move the truck so Grandma could go someplace, so he put my food dish and stand in the back of the truck, on TOP of the tarp. He then completely forgot about my most important possesion, my food dish! While driving home, the wind caught the tarp, whipping it up and catapulting my food stand! My food sprayed all over the road, my food dish went flying, and the stand actually hit the semi truck that was driving behind us! I was so embarrassed! Daddy apologized to the truck driver and we continued on home. I, of course, am completely humiliated and am very upset.

Eating out of this container is ridiculous and a magnificent mastiff such as I should never be submitted to horror such as this.

Anyone want a new Daddy?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Puberty sucks...

Jack - For the past week or so, I have had these sores on my muzzle.
They kinda itch and kinda hurt but I wasn't too worried about them. But when my face broke out again last night and this morning they were definitely hurting me, Daddy did the unthinkable. He took me to the vet! They tried to get a good look at my face but I made sure Daddy protected me from the evil vet lady and they did not once manage to touch me! HA! Unfortunately, the vet lady said that I had something called Canine Acne and they gave me a bunch of shots and now I have to have green things shoved down my throat twice a day and nasty stuff gooped on my face. I cannot believe Daddy would submit me to such torture. Apparently, Doggy Zits can cause problems because I might start actually chewing on my lips and breaking all the sores with my feet. Still though, must I suffer the humiliation of vet visits and the resulting treatment? Not fair, not fair at all.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bliss for the While...

Hey buddies! These are our potential pictures for the Kong contest that Amber-Mae is hosting! We liked all of these but in the end, Mommy chose the last one of Abby to enter in the contest. For the contest, you enter in a photo of yourself enjoying the Kong toy and have 20-40 words to use as a caption/poem/limerick to go with the photo. So go get your Kongs and get your parents to take your photo. Then vote for your photo and ours to win! (We each get two votes!) Happy Eating! Jack-I hate sharing, but Mommy made me.
Jack-I am so much cuter than Abby with my big pink Mastiff tongue.
Abby-Your tongue may be bigger, but my photo made it into the contest, so HA!

The caption for my photo:

I love to be chewin' on my Kong.
I could play with it all day long!
Filled to the brim,
In peanut butter I will swim.
It makes my tongue tired,
And my whiskers become mired.
But my lips form a smile,
And I'm in bliss for the while.