Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A new fence!

Hey everyone! Inspector Abby and Inspector Jack here! We have been giving our Daddy a hard time about how unstable and unsafe the fence in our yard is. The dog Daddy had before us was named Scout and she was a bit hard on the fence. A couple of times, Daddy would be out in the front yard talking to a neighbor and would leave Scout in the backyard alone! Scout thought this was completely unacceptable, so she would punch right through the gates, taking them straight off the hinges! That way, she could be with Daddy and get pets from the neighbor! You can't blame her, it was Daddy's fault she wasn't getting his undivided attention!

Here's a picture of Scout from a few years ago. Isn't she gorgeous! Jack never got to meet her but Abby was her best buddy for six months before she made the trip to Rainbow ridge. Anyways, because of her love for Daddy, our fence was in very sad shape. The fence on the left side of our house was only standing up beause Daddy had propped it up using some beams and plywood.

The gate on the other side of the house was barely holding on by its hinges and was sagging very badly. This was the gate Scout took clean off by ramming it with her head.

See how much it leans?

Look at Daddy's silly patch job!

So Daddy and Mommy went and bought some new posts and fence boards and got to work on digging the holes for the new fence posts. We of course are always watching to make sure Daddy is doing things properly. We won't accept any more leaning fences! It was really warm that day, so Daddy took off his shirt and wrapped it around Inspector Jack so he would look like an official inspector, which of course he is.

Make sure you get the holes deep enough Daddy!

Um, Daddy? I know you're busy with those posts and all, but my uniform is falling off.

Thanks Daddy, much better.

I think you need to go a bit deeper with that one Daddy.

Wow! Starting to look like a new fence!

Let me just make sure this gate is straight and sturdy.

Yup! Lookin' good!

Make sure you trim those fence boards to the right height!

Well Daddy, you have the approval of Inspector Abby and Inspector Jack. Great job!

No more saggy fences for these pooches!

You did such a great job Daddy!

Thanks Daddy! We love you!

Wordless Wednsday

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cousin Daisy Visit!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

Last weekend we got to go to Spokane to visit Grandpa and Grandma and Cousin Daisy! We were very glad to see everyone especially our cousin. Mommy had lots of fun helping Grandma prepare the yummy dinners Daisy gets to have but we were kind of upset about one thing. Whenever Mommy or Daddy had Num-nums on their plate, they gave them to Cousin Daisy instead of us! How dare they! We couldn't believe it! But no matter, we got to play with Cousin Daisy and spent lots of time romping with Cousin Leah at our other grandparents house. Mommy also brought her camera along so we got our portraits taken along with Daisy!

Aren't we a handsome threesome! We love you Cousin Daisy!