Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Agility? Whats that?

Abby - Last night, my Mommy told me that I was soon going to be starting something called Agility. Mommy seems so excited about it; I guess this is going be something really fun! When we went to our last Advanced Obedience lesson yesterday, I heard Mommy tell the instructor our plans to go into the Agility classes. The instructor said that I would be really good at Agility and that I would love it! This got Mommy even more excited. I wonder what Agility is? All I know is Mommy keeps talking about how I have to get really good at obeying her when I’m not hooked up to my leash. I feel like I’m doing good already, but I guess there is always something to learn right?

Jack – Daddy doesn’t take me to any lesson place, but he teaches me more tricks than Abby gets to learn. Lately Daddy has been teaching me how to Play Dead. I like this trick because I just lay down and I get a treat! How cool is that?!


Anonymous said...

Abby - you are SO CUTE ... do you have handsome parents??? Bet so ..... You have THE most beautiful head .... can I see more pictures???
Agility - just like papa-Jimmy!!!! You sound VERY happy ... your Granny is so thrilled!!!

Love, Granny Marsha and Mama-Elle and Papa-Jimmy

Randi said...

Abby & Jack - it is a pleasure to meet the two of you! Both of you are so very cute....Have a great day!
Love & Licks,