Saturday, January 17, 2009

Meet our newest pack member, Zeva!

Hi! I'm Zeva!
I'm a four month old, purebred American Pit Bull Terrier! Today I got adopted by new mommy and daddy and now I have a new sister and a new brother! My first Daddy had some troubles and couldn't stay in our home anymore. He tried to move me in with his mommy and daddy but they wouldn't let me come with him. Daddy gave me to a nice lady who owned a doggy daycare so she could find me a new forever home, and HERE I AM! I love my new family! They have so many awesome toys, squeaky balls, bones to chew, ropes to tug and this new thing called frisbees to catch!
My new brother and sister are still unsure about what to do with me, but I know we will be good friends really soon!
I'm a little frustrated about my food situation though....
I really love my food and want to eat it really really fast but Daddy put this big chain in my food dish! It makes it so hard to eat! Mommy says this is safer for me, something called Bloat? Maybe if I look super cute they will let me eat without it. What do you think?
I am so excited to meet all my new bloggy friends! I hope you all like me as much as I am going to like you!


Abby said...

Hi Zeva!! You are adorable! I have a niece named Kira who is an APBT. We are best buddies.

Mango said...

OK, Jack, its time to watch out. Those puppy things can be annoying. They start out all cute and submissive and then they go cracker dog on you.

My brother has to use a special bowl with speed bumps in it so he doesn't inhale his food (he can still empty his bowl twice as fast as me).

Momma says the pup is super cute and wants to send smoochies. Yeh, whatever.


Amber-Mae said...

Hi there Zeva! Now aren't you the sweeterest Pit Bull girl I've ever seen? Congrats on your new home! We hop you three can get along well. Hope to hear more about you & your adventures!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer