Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The day I almost ate Daddy.... by Jack

Jack - It was a dark and quiet morning. I had heard Daddy leaving for the gym. He had left through the garage which I thought was strange but I decided that this was not a matter to worry about. I returned to my peaceful slumber. Soon after, my Mommy came to wake us up. This happens every morning, and I didn't anticipate anything unusual to happen. Unfortunately, I was greatly mistaken. I was walking into the living room with Abby and Mommy when suddenly a huge intruder burst into the kitchen! A large parcel in his arms jarred against our kitchen table just as I sprang into action. My sister and Mommy were in danger. I went into instant Gaurd Dog Mode. My muscles tensed up. My head dropped low to the ground. I let out a series of my loudest, most ferocious barks. I must protect my family. I must protect my home. Behind me, somewhere in the back of my mind I registered my Mommy laughing. Strange, but I still had a job to do. There was an intruder in the house and it was my job to drive him away. I charged forward, knowing that my black brindled coloration, my large jaw, and my muscular, 100lb Mastiff body should be enough to intimidate even the bravest of burglers. Suddenly, without warning, the lights sprang to life. There, standing in front of me holding a bulging duffle bag was....Daddy! What was Daddy doing home? Daddy Daddy! So that was why Mommy was laughing! It all makes sense now...I sure am glad Mommy turned the lights on when she did, or Daddy would have been toast!

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