Monday, March 15, 2010

My Leggy!

Hi Everyone!
Well as Mommy already told you, I had to have surgery last week. NOT FUN! I thought about asking for new parents, but when Mommy and Daddy came to pick me up from the horrid vet place, they were both super nice to me, so I was a good poochy and forgave them. Still, I thought my leggy hurt before I went in for surgery, but whooee! I could barely think, my leg hurt so bad afterwards. But it's been several days now and I feel much better. I can even put a little weight on my leg now when I walk! I wasn't able to do that before the surgery! Mommy and Daddy started doing what they call physical therapy on me today, and I'm a little sore from it, but it's cool to see my leg working better by the time they're done with my therapy. I'm not sure what to think of my funny E-collar though. I don't really mind wearing it. It's soft and I can sleep and move around without it being in the way, but I can't scratch my head or lick my tooshie anymore!

I think I look good in blue though, don't you think?

The worst thing about having to have surgery, is this is where I live now.

In a crate. All. Day. Long. It's not too bad. Mommy bought me a nice soft fleecy crate pad and all new kong and nylabone toys. I also got this cool new water dish which attaches to the side of the crate so I don't spill. I'm a bit of a klutz. Hee hee.

Want to see what my leggy looks like? They had to shave all the fur off my leg, but luckily my skin is dark, so it doesn't affect my girly image too much.

My leggy was still a bit sore from the physical therapy earlier, so I wasn't really letting Mommy get a good photo of my stitches. But you can see the big long bumpy thing which is the incision and some of the red bruising that has appeared in the last couple of days. Yesterday the bruising was near my knee but that spot has gotten much better.Well, there's not much going on with me right now. I wake up, take some pain meds, get a heat pad put on my leggy, then I do physical therapy! After a nap or some bone chewing, I get more meds, more heat, more physical therapy and then another nap! One more time before bed, and it's sleepy time! I do get taken out on leash to go potty occasionally, but otherwise, it's just me in my crate. Hope everyone else in Dog Bloggy World is doing well.



A note from Mommy

Hi everyone,
This is the J.A.Z. Pack's secretary writing to apologize about the lack of posts lately and to update everyone about how Zeva is doing. About a year ago Zeva came inside and was limping. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with a partial cruciate ligament tear. Since then, we have kept Zeva's activity level at a slighter lower level than normal in order to try and avoid surgery. But a couple of weeks ago, Zeva was sitting in Daddy's lap, when a loud noise came from outside. She jumped out of the chair and immediately started yelping and limping. We knew that surgery was now unavoidable. Last Thursday, Zeva had TPLO surgery to fix her knee. So far her recovery has been going very well. She is a very good natured dog and lies still and allows us to do all the necessary treatments and physcial therapy her leg needs. I will update with some pictures soon. Also, due to technical difficulties, I won't be able to load Abby's agility videos like I thought I could. Thanks everyone for being such loyal followers!
-The JAZ Pack's Secretary (i.e. Mommy)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby!

Happy Birthday Abby! We can't believe you're four years old! It seems like just yesterday that we brought you home!
P.S. New agility videos will be loaded soon from our last trial. Abby earned two more qualifying runs and a Third Place ribbon! Way to go Abby!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paw it forward!

Hey everyone, we still have a Paw it forward package up for grabs! Let me know if you want to play!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hi everyone! Here is a video of me at my first agility trial! The first run was Touch and Go and I took fourth place! My second run was Tunnelers, and we didn't get any ribbons but I did this course perectly!

Don't forget to leave Mommy a comment if you want to play Paw it Forward! We still need players!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Agility brags and Paw it Forward!

Hi everyone! My first agility trial was last weekend and it was amazing! My mommy and I had so much fun! We ran a Touch and Go course and a Tunnelers course and I earned a ribbon in the Touch and Go course!Can you believe it? A ribbon at my first agility trial? My mommy was so happy I thought she was going to suffocate me, what with all the hugs I got. Now, my ribbon is proudly displayed on our mantel under my cute puppy picture. Hopefully, I earn even more ribbons at our next trial in November!

Guess what! We got a huge package in the mail from the awesome mastiff, Mango! Mango said we get to play a game called Paw it Forward! To play, you have to be one of the first three doggies to comment on this blog post. Then, you get a package full of goodies from us! After you get your package, you post about it in your blog, then the first three people who comment on your blog get a package from you! Get it? We're Paw'in it forward!

Mango sent us a super cool picture card...And look at all the goodies!

Super nummy biscuit treats...

Poopy picker-upper bags....

Awesome bandanas to make us look cool....

A bow tie to make my brother super handsome...

A cool water froggy toy... must try this out at the lake next time...

A warthog stuffy that Jack wouldn't let any of us have....the pig...

And a stuffing-less squirell toy that is awesome for playing tug with Zeva!

Gosh Mango, you sure spoiled us! Thank you so much for all the awesome pressies!
So who wants to play Paw it forward? If you want to play, leave us a comment and we'll send a package your way!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!

Here’s a poem from me, Jack and Zeva.

Four years ago today,
A special vow you both did say,
Jackie-Poo sends both of you,
A jowly kiss without the drool!
Zeva as your newest roomie,
Dedicates to you a special “zoomie.”
And I’ll do a dance with great agility,
And love you both to the best of my ability!

Love and kisses,